Apprentice of the Year

2019 ASOFIA/Thomas Brown
Apprentice of the Year Awards


The ASOFIA / Thomas Brown Apprentice of the Year Awards program recognises the outstanding contribution of Apprentices working in the fitout industry to their employers and industry colleagues. It is a chance to celebrate and reward the high standards evident by the next generation of industry professionals.  Nominees can be involved in any trade associated with the fitout industry.


This Award is traditionally bestowed every 18 months to align with ASOFIA’s National Conference Awards Night. It is a National Award, open to any Member Company and their trade calling.

It was commenced in 2007, as a way of showing appreciation, for many years of involvement and in the formation and support of the Training Curriculum, Training Packages and Project Management Course.

National Apprentice of the Year Nomination Forms are sent by ASOFIA to all Member Companies. The forms have standard voting and evaluation criteria to be completed by TAFE Teachers and Employers, which includes the reason for nomination. The nominated Apprentice is also required to complete a form stating his reasons for accepting the nomination. Each State forms a Committee to interview the local nominated Apprentices. The judging criteria is a standard format followed by all States and the local Committees announce the winning Apprentice in each State.

The State winners are traditionally interviewed by the Fitout of the Year Judges, whilst they are travelling Australia judging fitouts prior to the National Conference.  At the National Conference, the winning National Apprentice is named and presented with the Award. State winners receive their Awards at various local functions following the National Conference.

The winner of the National Apprentice of the Year Award will be announced at the 22nd National Conference to be held in Canberra 25th–28th October.

I have always had a passion for Apprentices receiving relevant training. It can make a huge difference in their lives and careers, by giving them more confidence to reach for a higher goal.

Despite the negativity at times about today’s youth, it is always a pleasure to meet and interview some exceptional Apprentices and to watch the follow-on success they achieve. Many go on to start their own businesses or succeed in Managerial roles.

I would ask all Employers in ASOFIA who employ Apprentices, directly or through Group Schemes, to support and recognise the valuable contribution Apprentices make to the future of the Shopfitting industry in Australia. Without them there is no future.


The entry form can be completed electronically or should you wish to manually fill out this form, please feel free to do so. Submissions should be submitted via email or mail to the National Office.

In supporting you in this nomination, Part C must be completed by your training organisation. This component has been created as a separate document which will allow the entrant to pass it on to their training organisation for completion. Entrants can then submit the main portion of their nomination to ASOFIA National Office for processing, and follow up the training organisation individually for Part C of the entry.

Download the entry forms below or call the ASOFIA National Office on 02 4369 0055 for more information.